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On a package of crackers, what does the term 'low fat' mean?

  • A0.5 grams fat or less per serving
  • B3 grams fat, or less, per serving
  • C25 percent less fat than the full fat version
  • D50 percent less fat than the full fat version

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Foods with a 'natural' label:

  • AContain no synthetic preservatives, colors or flavors
  • BMay not contain high fructose corn syrup
  • CMay not contain partially hydrogenated oils
  • DAre also organic

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Products labeled 'organic,' which are grown without artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides:

  • AMust be 100 percent organic
  • BContain at least 95 percent organic ingredients
  • CContain at least 70 percent organic ingredients

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When reading the label of a grain food, such as bread, pasta, or crackers, what is more important?

  • AThe amount of fiber
  • BThe amount of whole grains
  • CThe location of whole grains in the ingredient list
  • DBoth 2 and 3

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While reading the front of a package, how much of a nutrient is contained in a 'good source'?

  • A50 percent
  • B20 percent
  • C10 percent
  • D5 percent

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A label that reads '0 grams of Trans Fat' has:

  • AZero grams trans fat per serving
  • BUp to 0.4 grams per serving
  • CUp to 0.9 grams per serving
  • DNone of the above

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A food 'serving size' is determined by:

  • AThe Food and Drug Administration
  • BThe company producing the food
  • CHow much people tend to eat
  • DThe size of the package

Question 8 of 12

True or false: Reduced fat and low fat food are the same.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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The 'percent daily value' (DV) is based on how many calories?

  • A1500
  • B1800
  • C2000
  • D2200

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Food companies have swapped trans fats for other types of fats. Which of these should you also avoid?

  • ACorn oil
  • BSoybean oil
  • CPalm oil and palm kernel oil
  • DSafflower oil

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Which is the healthier pick?

  • ARegular peanut butter
  • BLow fat peanut butter

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The number one item people look for on food labels is:

  • ACalories
  • BFat
  • CSodium
  • DSugar