Osteoarthritis Drug Quiz

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Acetaminophen is commonly known as …

  • AMidrin
  • BAspirin
  • CSudafed
  • DTylenol

Question 2 of 7

Anaprox (naproxen) is sold in stores as Aleve, among other brand names.  It is a form of what classification of drug?

  • BCorticosteroid
  • CSteroid
  • DHerbal supplement

Question 3 of 7

Which of the following is NOT an example of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug?

  • ACapzasin
  • BAspirin
  • CCaldolor
  • DDaypro

Question 4 of 7

Glucosamine, a supplement used to reduce pain, has shown mixed results in studies.  Was this supplement required to be reviewed by the FDA?

  • AYes
  • BNo

Question 5 of 7

Voltaren is a form of NSAID that is applied in gel form.  Which joints is it recommended for use on?

  • AAnkles
  • BHands
  • CAll of the above
  • DKnees
  • EElbows

Question 6 of 7

What is the generic name for Motrin, a common NSAID?

  • ACorticosteroid
  • BAspirin
  • CIbuprofen
  • DAcetaminophen

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Synvisc-One (Hyaluronate) is a treatment used for individuals who have not responded to other treamtnts, such as acetaminophen, exercise or physical therapy.  What does it do?

  • AAn opioid medication
  • BMimics the natural substance in joints and acts as a lubricant
  • CMoves pain-sensing hormones away from joints
  • DNumbs nerve endings in joints