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Multiple Sclerosis patient and former TV investigative reporter, Ellen Burstein MacFarlane, wrote a book about her life with MS as well as her victimization by a Doctor Irving Dardik, MD who claimed he could cure MS with his special method.What was the name of his special treatment which ended up costing his victims from $30,000-$100,000?

  • ACoral Calcium Treatment
  • BProcarin skin cream
  • CSuperesonant Wavenergy (SRWE) Program

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Which dietary supplement was heavily promoted by a man named Robert Barefoot using nationally televised 30-minute infomercials which aired on such cable channels such as Bravo, The Discovery Channel, and Comedy Central and was touted as being able to cause people in wheelchairs able to get up and walk?

  • APancreatic Extract
  • BCoral Calcium
  • CHigh doses of Vitamin C

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Which type of therapy was denounced by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society following the death of a woman who had received this type of treatment?

  • AHydrogen Peroxide Therapy
  • BImplantation of pig brain tissue
  • CChelation (removal of heavy metals)

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Which of these "cures" for MS was also used by Michael Jackson in a much publicized photo of the pop star utilizing this particular treatment for its supposed rejuvenating properties?

  • ARemoval of metal dental fillings
  • BHyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
  • CInjection of bee venom

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In 2005 a study was doneto test the effectiveness of which popular alternative therapy for the treatment of MS, concluding that the use of this particular treatment " patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis did not reduce disease activity, disability, or fatigue and did not improve quality of life."

  • AAcupuncture
  • BBee sting therapy
  • CThe raw food diet