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Questions to Ask Your Doctor About COPD

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To get the most benefit from treatment, you may want to keep a diary devoted to COPD and bring it with you to discuss with your doctor. This diary should list:

  • AYour medications and dosages
  • BExacerbations
  • CDaily nutrition and exercise information
  • D1. and 2.
  • EAll of the above

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COPD inhalers can be tricky to use, so you should bring your medication with you and show your doctor how you’re using it.

  • ATrue. It never hurts to have a refresher.
  • BFalse. I know how to use my medication.

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You got the results of your spirometry test. People who have COPD have:

  • AAn FEV1/FVC ratio of less than 70 percent.
  • BAn FEV1/FVC ratio of greater than 70 percent.

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Which of these is a sign of a COPD flare-up?

  • AWheezing or coughing more than normal
  • BIncreased shortness of breath
  • CMore mucus
  • DConfusion or excessive sleepiness
  • ESwelling in your feet or ankles
  • FAll of the above

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Ask your doctor what you can do to avoid infections and other causes of COPD exacerbations. If you can’t afford your COPD medication, you should:

  • A Ask your doctor for a two-week sample of a drug you already take or for a coupon for that drug
  • BTake a half-dose of the medication

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Medication is the only effective therapy for COPD.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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The best candidates for pulmonary rehabilitation are:

  • APeople with severe COPD
  • BPeople with moderate COPD
  • CPeople with mild COPD
  • DAll of the above

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Some exercise is important for people with COPD, but you should avoid these activities:

  • ASnow shoveling or lawn mowing
  • BWalking up long, steep hills
  • CAny heavy lifting or pushing
  • DExercising outdoors when the weather is cold, hot, or humid, or when the pollution index is high
  • EAll of the above under certain circumstances

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Your doctor will probably prescribe oxygen therapy for your COPD when:

  • AThe oxygen concentration in your blood is less than 88 percent
  • BThe oxygen concentration in your blood is less than 78 percent

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If a little oxygen is good, more is better.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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Could this quiz prompt a discussion with your doctor about your COPD treatment?

  • AYes, I think it could help.
  • BNo. My doctor doesn't have time for questions.