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Can You Identify These Skin Conditions?

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This condition causes thick, red skin with flaky, silvery patches.

  • AAcne
  • BPsoriasis
  • CEczema

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This condition causes too much oil to be produced in glands which blocks pores and creates comedones on the skin.

  • APsoriasis
  • BAcne
  • CRosacea

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This skin condition is caused by an allergic reaction and presents as an itchy rash

  • AContact dermatitis
  • BEczema
  • CPsoriasis

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This condition causes facial redness and swelling or skin sores on the face.

  • AAcne
  • BPsoriasis
  • CRosacea

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This condition starts with a patch, before more begin to show up on chest, back, arms and legs.

  • APsoriasis
  • BSebhorrheic dermatitis
  • CPityriasis rosea