Hip Replacement Surgery

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Which of the following conditions could require a hip replacement?

  • AOsteoarthritis
  • BRheumatoid arthritis
  • CPaget's Disease
  • DHip fracture
  • EAll of the above

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Which of these doctors will NOT tell a patient when a hip replacement is necessary?

  • AOrthopedist
  • BRheumatologist
  • COphthalmologist
  • DGeneral practitioner
  • EAll of the above can

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A patient should be able to walk normally around ___ weeks after hip replacement surgery.

  • A1
  • B2
  • C4
  • D6

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How is the mini-incision anterior approach to a hip replacement different from the traditional posterior approach?

  • AUncemented implants only
  • BLess muscle and tendon damage
  • CMultiple small incisions vs. one
  • DNo special tools required
  • EAll of the above

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Which implant material is most modern and technologically advanced?

  • AMetal ball, polyethylene liner
  • BMetal ball, metal liner
  • CCeramic ball, polyethylene liner
  • DPolyethylene ball, metal liner
  • ECeramic ball, ceramic liner

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Exercise is required …

  • AThe first few days while in the hospital
  • BOnly through physical therapy
  • COnly after physical therapy is finished
  • DFor a few months, but not more than that
  • EThroughout the entire process