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SAD Quiz: Shedding Light on the Winter Blues

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a depressive episode associated with the onset of fall and winter.

  • ATrue.
  • BFalse.

Question 2 of 8

Which of the following is the most likely cause of SAD

  • ALow temperatures.
  • BLack of sufficient natural light.
  • CGloomy skies.
  • DThe holiday blues.

Question 3 of 8

Scientists speculate that reduced sunlight:

  • ATriggers a mammalian hibernation response.
  • BCauses a shortage in the brain's serotonin.
  • CAffects the brain's manufacture of melatonin.
  • DThrows circadian rhythms out of phase.
  • EAll of the above.

Question 4 of 8

Winter depressions are characterized by "atypical" features.

  • ATrue.
  • BFalse.

Question 5 of 8

Which of the following are used to treat SAD

  • ABright light therapy.
  • BAntidepressants.
  • CTalking therapy.
  • DWalking outdoors.
  • EA regular sleep schedule.
  • FAll of the above.

Question 6 of 8

A good light box equates to a walk outdoors on a summer day.

  • ATrue.
  • BFalse.

Question 7 of 8

One should position the light box close to the eyes.

  • ATrue.
  • BFalse.

Question 8 of 8

As a general rule, it is advised to initiate light box treatment:

  • AIn the morning.
  • BIn the afternoon.
  • CIn the evening.