Side Effects for Common ADHD Medications

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Which of the following is NOT an example of a stimulant medication?

  • ANone of the above
  • BAdderall
  • CConcerta
  • DFocalin
  • ERitalin

Question 2 of 7

Which of the following is NOT a potential side effect of a stimulant medication?

  • AFever
  • BUncontrollable tics
  • CDrowsiness
  • DIncreased blood pressure

Question 3 of 7

In a disturbing trend, some women are using stimulants to…

  • ALose weight
  • BIncrease appetite
  • CKill brain cells to get "high"
  • DGet more sleep

Question 4 of 7

Doctors recommend that ___ test be conducted before taking stimulant medication.

  • ACT Scan
  • BMRI
  • CUltrasound
  • DElectrocardiogram

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Dr. Esther Sobanski of the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany found that ADHD adults treated with methylphenidate reported…

  • ADecreased evening mood
  • BLonger time falling asleep
  • CFewer psychosomatic symptoms while falling asleep
  • DMore awakenings

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Does Ritalin stunt growth?

  • AStudies definitively deny this
  • BNo studies have been conducted
  • CStudies show varied results
  • DStudies definitively confirm this

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In 2005, Health Canada (the Candadian equivalent to the FDA) banned which drug due to cardiovascular risk?

  • ARitalin
  • BAdderall XR
  • CStrattera
  • DConcerta