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At the grocery store, how should you arrange your shopping

  • APurchase meat first because it&rsquo`sc`s heavy and needs to sit at the bottom of the cart.
  • BShop the perimeter of the store first and for shelf-stable items, such as canned and dry goods, last.
  • CBuy shelf-stable items first, and refrigerated and frozen foods and hot deli items last.

Question 2 of 12

Driving home from the grocery store, the safest place for perishables is:

  • AIn the trunk where it&rsquo`sc`s airtight and out of the sun
  • BIn the back seat
  • CIn the front seat with the air conditioner on

Question 3 of 12

The food temperature danger zone is:

  • ABetween 30&ordm`sc`F and 130&ordm`sc`F
  • BBetween 40&ordm`sc`F and 140&ordm`sc`F
  • CBetween 50&ordm`sc`F and 150&ordm`sc`F

Question 4 of 12

At what temperature should a food be cooked to kill any dangerous E. coli O157:H7

  • A140 &ordm`sc`F
  • B150 &ordm`sc`F
  • C160 &ordm`sc`F

Question 5 of 12

Picnic foods high at risk for foodborne illness are:

  • APotato salad
  • BTurkey or chicken salad
  • CWatermelon

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True or false: Even foods with rinds, such as watermelon or cantaloupe, need to be thoroughly washed before cutting into them and eating.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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The safest way to grill poultry, fish and meats outside is to:

  • ACook at a very high temperature in order to kill any pathogens present
  • BCook slowly at a very low temperature
  • CPre-cook the items for a bit in the microwave and then finish off on the grill

Question 8 of 12

The best way to ensure hamburgers are cooked through is by:

  • ACutting one open to check for doneness by color
  • BTaking a food thermometer and checking for proper temperature
  • Ca or b
  • DCooked through" Not me! I like my burgers rare

Question 9 of 12

When marinating raw fish, poultry or red meat, one can:

  • ARefrigerate the marinade while the food is cooking and serve as a sauce if it&rsquo`sc`s still cold
  • BLeave the marinade out at room temperature while the food is cooking and serve it as a sauce
  • CBoil the used marinade for a full minute before applying it to cooked food

Question 10 of 12

Under normal conditions, how long can one safely leave food out

  • AA half hour
  • BOne hour
  • CTwo hours
  • DThree hours

Question 11 of 12

In the summer heat (temperatures of 90&ordm`sc`F or more), how long can one safely leave food out

  • AA half hour
  • BOne hour
  • CTwo hours
  • DThree hours

Question 12 of 12

True or false: Hot dogs labeled as fully cooked only need to be warmed up before eating.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse