Breast Cancer

Types of Breast Cancer

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How many different breast cancers have been identified?

  • A2
  • B4
  • C10
  • D14 types of breast cancer including LCIS and DCIS
  • E19, and counting...

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Whether you have invasive (infiltrating) breast cancer vs. non-invasive (in situ) determines a lot about your treatment. What percentage of women have an initial diagnosis of invasive breast cancer?

  • ALess than 20 percent
  • B30 percent
  • C50 percent
  • D80 percent
  • E95 percent.

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This breast cancer is aggressive, fast-growing, and often misdiagnosed. Which of the following best fits this description?

  • AInvasive ductal (IDC)
  • BInvasive lobular (ILC)
  • CInflammatory
  • DPaget's disease

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True or False: You can be diagnosed with two types of breast cancer at the same time.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse