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What Do You Know About Allergies?

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Which of the following factors can predispose you to having allergies?

  • AA family history of allergies
  • BEnvironmental conditions
  • CNumber and type of exposures
  • DEmotional factors
  • EAll of the above

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Hypersensitivity of which system of your body creates an allergic response?

  • A Skin
  • BImmune system
  • CCirculatory system
  • DPulmonary system
  • EDigestive system

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Which of the following treatments can be used to reduce allergic reactions to unavoidable substances?

  • AMilk thistle three times daily
  • BMist inhalation therapy
  • CRegularly wearing a face mask
  • DDesensitization (allergy shots)
  • ERegularly wearing a garlic necklace

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Which of the following is the most commonly prescribed treatment for hives?

  • AOral antihistamines
  • BOral corticosteroids, such as prednisone
  • CEpinephrine (adrenaline)
  • DAspirin

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Which of the following does NOT reduce or delay allergies in children?

  • AUsing zippered covers on pillows and mattresses
  • BRemoving carpets from bedroom
  • CAvoiding smoking in and around the house
  • DGetting rid of furry animals