Would you recognize teen depression?

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'Boot Camps' for teens with behavior problems are...

  • Auseful for all teens with depression.
  • Buseful for some teens with depression.
  • Cnot recommended for teens with depression.

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Recognizing depression in teenagers is...

  • Afairly easy.
  • Bthe same as recognizing depression in adults.
  • Cdifficult.

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Diagnosis and treatment should be sought if teens exhibit signs of depression for...

  • A48 hours.
  • Btwo weeks.
  • Ctwo months.

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Adolescent girls are...

  • Aless likely to experience depression than adolescent boys.
  • Bmore likely to experience depression than adolescent boys.
  • Cequally likely to experience depression as adolescent boys.

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Reports have shown that the best treatment for teen depression is...

  • Apsychotherapy.
  • Bmedications.
  • Ca combination of psychotherapy and medications.