What To Expect… When You're No Longer Expecting

You’ve had your baby — congratulations! Now what? How do I care for my baby while still caring for myself? What will happen with my RA? Will it come back with a vengeance? You take care of the baby — we’ll take care of you.
Lene Andersen

When Methrotrexate Makes You Sick(er)

One patient weighs the pros and cons of the side effects from methotrexate, including alopecia, nausea, and dizziness. Find out whether she decided that the side effects were worth the benefits that methotrexate provided — or not.
Holly Johnson

Can Folic Acid be The Cure to Your Methotrexate Side Effects?

In the world of rheumatoid arthritis, the subject of folic acid is forever tied to methotrexate. A discussion of one is incomplete without the other. This is because folic acid is said to aid against the side effects of methotrexate. But does it work...
Lisa Emrich

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