10 Affordable Pain Solutions

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Quit smoking

  • People who smoke experience more pain
  • Pain does not get worse if you quit
  • Non-smokers have less pain after surgery

Avoid food pain triggers

  • MSG and aspartame are linked to muscle pain, fibromyalgia and headaches
  • Sugar promotes pain and inflammation
  • Caffeine use sensitizes the nervous system and leads to painful withdrawal symptoms

Find a hobby

  • Distraction is a powerful pain reliever
  • Some hobbies promote a powerful relaxation response
  • Doing something you enjoy everyday encourages resiliency

Improve your balance

  • By improving your balance, you can avoid a painful fall
  • Core muscles are strengthened as you improve your balance
  • Tai Chi is an excellent way to improve balance, both physically and mentally

Take a walk

  • Even just a brief walk can stimulate good chemicals in your brain that ease the pain
  • Your ability to do life activities will improve as your fitness improves
  • Use walking sticks and good shoes to make your walk more comfortable

Hot bath

  • Hot baths relieve stress and anxiety which amplify the pain
  • Warm water relieves muscle pain and tension
  • Nerves are less likely to be painful when they are warm

Eat healthy food

  • The anti-inflammatory diet works because food is medicine
  • Sugary food and drinks promote pain and inflammation
  • Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the stress on the skeletal system

Listen to music

  • Music therapy has been proven to reduce stress and pain
  • Music can promote better sleep
  • Music distracts the brain


  • Meditation counteracts stress by slowing down your heart rate and breathing
  • A repetitive activities that interrupt your normal thought patterns is a form of meditation
  • Daily meditation promotes healthier brains and less pain

Do something to improve your health

  • Pain is your brain’s opinion about your health
  • Pain is an alarm signal that you need to improve your health
  • Maintaining good health is the best way to prevent pain