10 Dos and Don'ts of Gifts for Those with Migraines

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Teri Robert

Do consider the old fashioned ice bag

The old favorites never die! An old fashioned ice bag makes a great gift for someone with Migraines. Online, you can find plain ones at drugstore.com or pretty ones like these at beauty.com.

Teri Robert

Do consider good teas

Not only do teas taste good, some can help relive Migraine symptoms. Mint or ginger are helpful for nausea. Chamomile is helpful for trying to relax while waiting for medications to work and for the Migraine to pass.

Teri Robert

Do keep massage in mind

Massage sessions make great gifts. Massages not only feels good, but it can have some great health benefits. Some people find it helps relieve a Migraine.

Teri Robert

Do take a look at bath pillows

Soaking in a hot tub is a great reliever for some Migraineurs. A luxurious bath pillow adds to the comfort and the therapeutic effects.

Teri Robert

Do consider donations

One of our biggest problems is the lack of adequate research funding. Consider making a donation as a gift. The American Migraine Foundation, Migraine Research Foundation, and National Headache Foundation are good choices for donations.

Teri Robert

Do remember the gift of your time

Giving your time can be a great gift! Why not give someone a gift certificate promising your time to do something with them or for them? I've prepared a gift certificate for that purpose. Just fill it in and it's ready! Download the gift certificate.

Teri Robert

Do consider a bed buddy

Many of us find our hands and feet get cold during a Migraine. Add a cold winter night, and Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! A bed buddy makes a great gift. Pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and put it in the bed, and it will warm our feet for hours.

Teri Robert

Don't give foods that can trigger migraines

Unless you're certain about whether someone's Migraines are triggered by foods and which ones, gifts of food aren't the best ideas. Some commonly given foods - coffees, chocolate, cheeses, and sausages are possible trigger foods. Not the way you want to go.

Teri Robert

Don't go too bright

Busy stripes and overly bright or complex patterns can trigger Migraines. Considering a soft blanket or scarf for your Migraineur friend? Observe what they have to get clues for their color preferences.

Teri Robert

Don't fall back on fragrance

Perfume, scented candles, perfumed lotions, and other scented products are great gifts for some people, but for many people with Migraines, they're instant Migraine triggers. If you're considering fragranced gifts, observe or get some inside information on the preference and tolerance of the Migraineur first.