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The Facts About Vitamin D and RA

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Arthritic Seniors hands holding a vase

Q: What’s the link between rheumatoid arthritis and vitamin D?

Hand xrays showing advanced rheumatoid arthritis
Hand x-rays showing advanced rheumatoid arthritisiStock

Q: Can getting more vitamin D improve my RA symptoms?

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Q: How do I check if my vitamin D levels are low?

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Q: How much vitamin D do I need?

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Q: Can I get my Vitamin D through food?

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Q: Well, can’t I get it from the sun?

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Q: OK, I’m on board with D. Will I see immediate improvement?

Ultrasonography of kidney, showing left kidney stone
Ultrasound of kidney, showing left kidney stoneiStock

Q: Can I get too much vitamin D?

Person taking vitamin D supplement

Q: Can my RA drugs affect vitamin D absorption?

Jerilyn Covert

Jerilyn Covert

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