10 Foods That Combat Candida

by Amanda Page Editor

Candida, a genus of yeast, is a form of fungus that naturally lives in your digestive tract, but medications, diet, and environmental triggers can throw off its balance- potentially leading to leaky gut, mood swings, digestive issues, and even seasonal allergies.

Seaweed on a plate.


Candida is often linked to hypothyroidism, which can be lessened by iodine-rich foods like seaweed or kelp extract. Additionally, this nutrient-dense food can help flush toxic pollutants and heavy metals from the body, keeping the intestinal tract clean from fungus like candida.

Coconut oil.

Coconut oil

This high-heat cooking oil contains lauric and caprylic fatty acids, which have powerful anti-fungal properties to help halt candida overgrowth.

Lemon juice.

Lemon juice

While lemons carry some anti-fungal properties, they primarily work by detoxing the liver as it fights off candida. Lemon juice also stimulates the peristaltic action of the colon, boosting its efficiency.

Apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar

Most vinegar has been pasteurized, distilled, and filtered, which kills all bacteria – including the good stuff. Apple cider vinegar is unpasteurized and contains fruit enzymes thought to help break down candida.

Flaxseed oil.

Vegetable oils

Olive oil, avocado oil, flax oil, and primrose oil are packed with polyphenols – powerful antioxidants that can help break down excess candida. Additionally, olive oil contains the plant chemical oleuropein, which has anti-fungal properties and stimulates a healthy immune system.



This aromatic spice contains eugenol, an antibacterial essential oil that can fight candida when taken internally. Clove oil is also an effective anti-bacterial when applied topically to fungal infections.



This potent anti-fungal food is a relative of sweet potatoes and yams, and is an excellent choice for a soup or stew during cold and flu season.

Cinnamon sticks.


Perhaps one of the most medicinally beneficial spices, cinnamon is thought to aid heart health, brain health, nerve health, improve diabetes symptoms, and fight fungal infections. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties found in cinnamon.

Baked salmon garnished with asparagus and tomatoes with herbs


An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon helps fight fungal infections. Additionally, this super fish contains loads of protein, essential amino acids, and antioxidants, which contribute to its reputation as a heart healthy and mental-health-improving food. Other benefits include joint protection and eye health.

Peeled garlic in bowl.


This family of vegetables includes onions, garlic, chives, scallions, shallots, and leeks. Alliums contain allicin, a sulphur-based compound containing strong anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties that fight candida. Additionally, they have been shown to help reduce water retention, which is a side-effect of candida overgrowth.

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