10 Health Resolutions You Should Have as a Person with Psoriasis

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If you have psoriasis like I do, you may be constantly trying to find ways to cope and manage this disease. Check out these 10 healthy resolutions you should consider implementing if you have psoriasis.


Conquer a fear due to psoriasis

Have you turned down an opportunity to do something due to your psoriasis and the fear of what other people think? Most people have experienced this in relation to someone believing we are contagious. This year I encourage you find ways AROUND your fears and do one thing you have feared due to psoriasis. What about a spa day with psoriasis?!


Find your psoriasis trigger(s)

The most common psoriasis triggers come from stress, food, the environment, weather, infection, and injury. Sweat is one of mine, and although an uncommon trigger, sweat is necessary. Which trigger your psoriasis? Here are apps that allow you to keep track of your symptoms once you learn them to reduce flares.


Choose one word

Are you fed up with making resolutions each year for better confidence or skin management, only to give up by February the motivation is gone? Well, instead of making a to-do list, choose one word to apply to your life throughout the year, just one word. Last year I choose the word “risk;” this year my word is “sacrifice.”


Get a mentor or be a mentor

Where is your confidence level with your psoriasis? Are you struggling to cope? Strong and fearless? Either way, you can serve or be served through the National Psoriasis Foundation’s one-to-one mentorship program. Sign up to become a mentor or to find a mentor just like I did! It was the first time I connected with another person who had psoriasis.


Share your story

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to share your story. If you have, then try finding a new outlet. Newly diagnosed? Blog about your condition, or share your thoughts in a tweet or Facebook status. If you fear sharing with others who don’t have psoriasis, then share within an online support group.


Attend the 2017 National Psoriasis Foundation Volunteer Conference

If you have psoriasis but have never been to this conference, you need to attend! This one takes place every other year, and offers those with psoriasis the chance to meet others with the disease as well as people from the foundation, doctors, and researchers. Scholarships are available for some.


Volunteer at events dedicated to psoriasis

The National Psoriasis Foundation has at least 50 different events across the U.S., including walks, runs, and cycling events. If you can’t travel to the volunteer conference, the Team NPF initiative is a great way to find tips to become involved with your psoriasis community on a local level. Join an event or create your own.


Donate or raise funds for the National Psoriasis Foundation

2017 marks the 50th anniversary for the National Psoriasis Foundation! It has been helping those with this disease for over five decades. I am a witness to how much it actually gives back to our community through research, advocacy, and patient resources.


Add or subtract a habit

Do you need to stop smoking, quit drinking, or cut your stress? All three factors are negative contributors to psoriasis symptoms and should be removed. If subtracting a bad habit seems to be too hard, add a healthy habit such as eating more fruits, drinking more water, or getting more rest.