9 Interesting Allergy and Asthma Facts

It's been around for a long time

Asthma was first recognized and named by Hippocrates, circa 450 BC.

Early cures weren't very helpful

In the mid 20th century, some psychologists viewed wheezing as “the suppressed cry of the child for its mother,” and they treated asthma with talk therapy.

They're often linked

About 70 percent of asthmatics also have allergies.

It's often debilitating

Asthma accounts for about 10.1 million missed work days for adults annually.

Allergens are all around

Fifty percent of homes have at least six detectable allergens present.

We're looking for relief

About 40,000 people have sinus surgery every year in an effort to relieve their chronic congestion.

It can be managed

The life expectancy for mild asthmatics is the same as for those who do not have asthma, which is about 80 years.

Cats rule

Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies.

It's hard to hide

One ragweed plant can produce one billion grains of pollen.

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