10 Meditation Apps to Help You De-Stress

by Amanda Page Editor

Growing research links mindfulness meditation to improved mental and physical health. Innovations in smartphone technology are making it much easier to meditate while on the go. If you’d like to incorporate meditation into your busy routine, try unwinding with portable serenity brought to you through a mobile app.

Learn to meditate

This app will teach you the basics of meditation, as well as how to advance your practice over time through a four-week course. It covers techniques to clear your mind, to spur creativity and to find greater happiness, through a variety of daily meditation exercises, including breath and body awareness. (Price: $5.99; available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices)


Already into meditation but wondering how practiced you are? Transcend provides feedback on the quality of your meditation using data gathered from the MindWave Mobile headset. By recording your meditative states, Transcend will help you track and improve your meditation practice. (Price: $4.99; available for Android)


Try this 10-day meditation starter program to learn how to be mindful through the use of video and audio meditations. Headspace tailors meditation for you through simple techniques that help you sleep better, focus effectively and quiet a busy mind. (Price: Free; available for iPhone and Android)

Walking meditation

Have trouble sitting still to meditate? This app combines exercise and mindfulness through guided walking meditations, with each providing a different focus. It features a diary page for you to keep notes on your insights and experiences and offers tips on how to achieve the most relaxation from your meditations. (Price: 99 cents; available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)

The mindfulness app

Remembering to be more mindful is the first step towards making meditation work, and this app helps you to do this. The Mindfulness app allows you to set clock or location-based alerts to remind you to meditate at a particular time or whenever you are in a particular location. (Price: $1.99; available for: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)

Relax & rest guided meditations

This app allows you to customize your meditation experience by choosing your preferred music, guiding voice, and nature sounds. It also comes loaded with meditations of different lengths, ranging from as short as five minutes to 24 minutes long. (Price: $0.99; available for iPad, iPhone touch and iPad)


This app is designed for the busy urban meditator, with meditations designed for walking, riding the train, and training at the gym. Buddhify features 32 custom-written meditation tracks for a variety of locations and a dashboard showing personal progress statistics. (Price: $2.99; available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android)


If you like to meditate in complete silence and are looking for the most basic app assistance, then Mind is for you. Mind is an elegant meditation timer that allows you to choose how long you’d like to meditate and be alerted with a few gentle chimes instead of a loud phone alarm at the end of your practice. (Price: Free; available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)

Smiling mind

This app was created by psychologists specializing in adolescent therapy, and it’s designed for children ages 7 to 18. This is a simple app intended to increase a sense of calm, clarity and contentment in school-aged kids. Kids simply begin by answering a questionnaire on their emotional state and then follow meditation exercise prompts. (Price: Free; available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and online)

Simply being

This highly-recommended, elegant app offers meditations ranging from five to 20 minutes. Each meditation allows you to customize music and nature sounds. This app is fairly simple, and users report that the quality and variety of meditations and sounds are exceptional and effective in achieving deep relaxation. (Price: 99 cents; available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android)

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