10 Must-Read Articles on ADHD From 2016

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During 2016, we discussed treatments, medication, discipline, and much more about living with ADHD. Here are 10 must-read ADHD-related articles posted to HealthCentral in the past year.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Beginning Medication for ADHD

Deciding to take medication for ADHD is an important decision. Talk with your doctor about the benefits and risks of medication before deciding if it's right for you.

What to Do When Teens With ADHD Want to Stop Using Medication

Many teens decide they want to stop taking medications for ADHD, but parents might be hesitant, especially if medication has been working. Open a discussion to find out what is behind your teen’s reasoning. Then, consider a test period to see how it works.

6 Ways ADHD Characteristics Can Mimic Selfishness

Common characteristics of ADHD are sometimes construed as selfishness or self-centeredness, such as interrupting others, forgetting responsibilities, and difficulty focusing on conversations.

Using Hyperfocus as an Advantage

Some people with ADHD can "hyperfocus" or intensely focus on a task to the exclusion of everything and everyone around them. While this can sometimes cause problems, you can learn to harness your hyperfocus to be more productive at school, work, and home.

Understanding Brain Fog in Adults With ADHD

It’s not an official symptom of ADHD, but brain fog — when you find it hard to focus and gather your thoughts cohesively — is a common complaint of adults with ADHD. This may be caused by what is sometimes referred to as cognitive deficit disorder.

How to Spot an ADHD-Friendly Boss (and Manage Those Who Aren't)

One of the main factors toward work success and satisfaction is your boss’ attitude. When you have ADHD, this is especially important. Read about some of the traits of an “ADHD Friendly Boss” and find out what you can do at work to be your own advocate if your boss isn’t helpful.

Girls and Women With ADHD: Still Suffering in Silence

Despite the vast amount of research on ADHD, women and girls still often go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder, or are labeled as lazy. Michael Wetter, Psy.D., FAPA, discusses some of the reasons for this, and what parents can do if they think their daughter might have ADHD.

ADHD: Why Traditional Punishment Doesn’t Work

Punishment implies that a child willingly did something wrong. Discipline, on the other hand, is a teaching process. It takes into account that misbehaviors might have been the result of the inability to manage ADHD behaviors. Read guidelines for setting up an effective discipline process in your home.

ADHD in College: Should You Disclose Your ADHD When Applying to a College?

There are some benefits to disclosing ADHD when filling out a college application. A diagnosis of ADHD can explain discrepancies, such as inconsistencies in grades and test scores. On the other hand, it might signal that you have academic or behavioral issues.

Adults With ADHD: Tips for Handling Negative Feedback and Criticism

Adults with ADHD often indicate they are hypersensitive to criticism. Their reactions, including outbursts or acting defensively, can erode self-esteem and cause damage to relationships. Read through our tips on how to better deal with negative feedback from others (and yourself).