10 Questions About ADHD


Can you "max out" on an ADHD med?

How can I find a doctor to treat ADHD in adults?

What is the best med for ADHD in children?

Are ADHD meds available over the counter?

Why do I get nervous when taking amphetamines?

Are there any support groups for adult ADHD?

How do you know if a child has ADHD?

Are there discounts on ADHD medications?

Will Adderall show up on a drug screening?

Is Adderall causing my aches and pains?

Eileen Bailey

Eileen Bailey


Eileen Bailey is an award-winning author of six books on health and parenting topics and freelance writer specializing in health topics including ADHD, Anxiety, Sexual Health, Skin Care, Psoriasis and Skin Cancer. Her wish is to provide readers with relevant and practical information on health conditions to help them make informed decisions regarding their health care.