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10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Surgery


Please explain exactly what will be happening during the surgery?

Who will be performing the surgery?

Will I be seeing you after surgery? And while I am in the hospital?

How can I prepare my loved ones?

Can you explain what life will be like after surgery?

Is there a specialty nurse I should be talking to?

What will the plan be if I don’t heal well?

Will I need a visiting nurse?

Do you have other patients I can reach out to with a similar case?

How will the pain be managed?

Brian Greenberg

Brian Greenberg


Diagnosed at 11 which makes my Crohn’s career 24 years. After countless surgeries of various levels I decided for ostomy surgery. Now I’ve lived with an ostomy 7 years and made it permanent 4 years ago. Doing everything I can to overcome my disease and live a normal life.

I am also a Social Ambassador for the IBD HealthCentral Facebook page.