10 Questions to Ask to Evaluate Your Doctor

Karen Lee Richards | Mar 30th 2012 Apr 10th 2017

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Does your doctor routinely interrupt you after one or two sentences, attend to other matters while you are trying to explain your symptoms, or repeatedly ask you questions you’ve already answered?

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Does your doctor frequently attribute your symptoms to age, stress or hormones?  Does your doctor imply that most of your problems are psychosomatic?

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Condescending behavior

Does your doctor make you feel foolish if you inquire about alternative treatment like acupuncture, massage therapy or herbal supplements?

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Does your doctor discourage you from asking questions by rushing through your appointment or acting as if your questions are foolish?

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Medication concerns

Does your doctor dismiss your concerns about a symptom or a medication’s side effect, or refuse to run tests you request without explaining them?

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Does your doctor refuse to give you a referral to a specialist without explaining why, or act offended if you request a second opinion?

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Does your doctor treat you like a new patient, asking you the same questions at each appointment rather than reviewing your chart to refresh his memory, look for symptom patterns, and observe treatment history?

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Is your doctor rude, arrogant or inconsiderate, making you feel like you’re wasting his valuable time?

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Rude staff

Is your doctor’s staff rude or unreliable, failing to give the doctor your messages or not calling in your prescriptions in a timely manner?

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Does your doctor refuse to communicate and work with other health care professionals as part of your health care team?