10 Reasons You Should Love Celery

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Celery has long been considered the go-to low calorie snack.  But there are plenty of reasons why you should show this crunchy veggie some love.

It helps you lose weight

With only 20 calories per 100 grams, celery can be a smart addition to everything from juices to casseroles.  Additionally, it has a high water content and loads of essential vitamins and minerals to keep you hydrated and healthy – all factors for successful weight loss.

It's good for your teeth and breath

Celery makes for a good date night treat, as it’s a natural breath freshener and teeth cleaner.  The high fiber content aids saliva production, which reduces plaque build-up (the leading cause of halitosis).  Other crunchy foods such as carrots, apples, and cucumbers clean teeth and freshen breath as well.

It helps lower blood pressure

A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that celery seed extracts have strong anti-hypertensive properties and suggested that it could be used in treating elevated blood pressure.  Eating just four stalks of celery a day can give your body an adequate dose of phytochemicals that relax muscle tissue and boost blood flow.

It reduces inflammation

If you are living with IBD, arthritis, asthma, or any other inflammation disorder, consider adding celery to your diet. Celery is packed with antioxidants including vitamin C, beta-carotene, manganese and most importantly: phytonutrients. Phytonutrients have powerful anti-inflammatory properties--targeting inflammation in the lungs, liver, prostate, and gums in particular.

It's good for digestive health

In addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, celery contains pectin-based polysaccharides that support stomach lining health, decrease the risk of ulcer formation and balance stomach fluids.

It may even help fight cancer

Celery contains the flavonoids luteolin and apigenin, which researchers from the University of Illinois believe could have pancreatic cancer-killing capabilities. While the research findings suggest that we can’t consume enough celery to achieve these benefits, the flavonoids appear to be effective when combined with chemotherapy.

It fights age-related memory loss

Luteolin also is thought to slow age-related memory loss by halting the release of molecules that cause brain inflammation.  Researchers from the University of Illinois studied the effect of a luteolin diet on older mice, which have increased brain inflammation compared to young mice, and found that the mice on the luteolin diet performed better with memory tasks and had much lower inflammation levels.

It helps eye health

Just one stalk of celery provides 10 percent of your daily recommended amount of vitamin A, which is helpful in protecting your eyes and in preventing age-related vision loss.

It lowers bad cholesterol

Celery contains butylphthalide, which is responsible for its unique flavor and scent, as well its ability to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol.  A study from the University of Chicago found that eating just four stalks of celery could provide the required daily dose of phthalide for humans, which could reduce LDL cholesterol by up to seven points.

It can help reduce stress

If you suffer from anxiety or another stress-related disorder, listen up.  Celery contains alkaline minerals that calm the nervous system, helping you relax, focus, and even get better sleep.  Celery also provides a robust serving of magnesium, which promotes better sleep.  Even small deficiencies in magnesium are linked to insomnia.