10 Soothing Gifts for Stressed-Out People in Your Life

by Amanda Page Editor

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. Shopping, traveling, office parties, work deadlines; it all contributes to a lot of anxiety and stress. This year, consider sharing the gift of relaxation. Help your friends, family, and co-workers take a chill pill with one of these soothing gifts.

Yoga Class

Hitting the mat at least once a week raises levels of the brain chemical GABA (low levels are linked to depression). Gifting a yoga class at a local studio is a great motivator for a newbie or a nice addition to a seasoned yogi’s practice.


Our feet are so often abused and neglected. We stand on them all day and often force them into ill fitting, worn out shoes. Slippers are an often-overlooked luxury that can help anyone unwind and feel at ease. Look for something super soft and warm for those cold winter evenings.

Aromatherapy mask

Aromatherapy from essential oils has been shown to have a positive impact on mood and stress relief. Give someone a mental health boost with a silk lavender eye pillow. Not only will the eye mask help soothe eyes that are tired from looking at a computer screen all day, but the scent will help calm their psyche.

White noise machine

For the co-worker or relative that travels a lot for work, this little device can aid better sleep. The user can select a sound such as ocean waves, rain, or a dull hum that helps them tune out disturbances for a deeper sleep.

Buddha board

This is an excellent office gift for someone to use at his or her desk. It’s a small easel with a stone board and paintbrush. The user simply paints with water on the stone slab to create temporary doodles. The activity serves as a form of meditation to help give the mind a break and relieve stress.

Tea maker

Nothing says healthy and relaxed like a cup of tea. Tea has been shown to improve oral health, stave off the flu, battle cancer, lower cholesterol and even improve memory. This simple yet elegant gift is a great way to empower someone to snack healthier.

Book of Mindfulness

Meditation has proven to be effective in promoting stress reduction, relaxation and productivity. There are a variety of mediation books to help jumpstart the practice and provide inspiration for focusing your attention as well as tips on how to live in the moment.

A plant

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality is one of the top five risks to public health as a result of home products containing chemicals. The best way to offset this is with indoor houseplants. What better gift than a plant that will detox the air?

Indoor mini fountain

The sound of trickling water can be very therapeutic. Indoor fountains not only look nice, but they bring a sense of tranquility to a room and promote relaxation.

Gratitude journal

A lovely journal makes a nice gift, allowing the receiver to record daily reflections and put their emotions into perspective. Daily journaling has been shown to help people better identify their stressors and negative thought patterns, allowing them to better cope.

Amanda Page
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