10 Tips for Coping with COPD


Learn everything you can

Think of your doctor as your teammate

Expand your COPD team

Coordinate your health care

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Get your family involved!

Understand your medications

Beware of the blues

Reach out to others

Be a proactive health care consumer

Kathi  MacNaughton

Kathi MacNaughton


Kathi is an experienced consumer health education writer, with a prior career in nursing that spanned more than 30 years — much of it in the field of home health care. Over the past 15 years, she's been an avid contributor for a number of consumer health websites, specializing in asthma, allergy, and COPD. She writes not only as a healthcare professional, but also as a lifelong sufferer of severe allergies and mild asthma, and as a caregiver for her mother with COPD.