10 Weight Loss Rants

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Is there a link between body weight and health? Certainly! But let's face it, a lot of the attention that the culture puts on body size is not about "health." In this slideshow, 10 HealthCentral readers share their personal pet peeves about weight loss, dieting, and the focus on food.

Margot's Rant: It is JUST a piece of cake!

I once listened to my coworker talk for a half hour about how to avoid eating a piece of cake at her daughter's wedding. I honestly had to leave the room to keep from saying something mean. Seriously, give me a break! It is JUST A PIECE OF CAKE. Stop giving it so much power! - Margot

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Charlotte's Rant: For Mom

This one is for my Mom. Ma, you say you're 20 pounds over your "ideal" weight, but that ideal is from 30 years ago! You've raised 3 kids and gone through menopause. Why not spend less of your time being at war with your body, and more time enjoying all of the great things it can do! You're beautiful just the way you are! - Charlotte

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Tina's Rant: Stronger

I was skinny through college and graduate school. You know why? I ate only pretzels and diet soda. In the past decade I've put on weight and people still want to know if I'm aiming to get down to the weight I was before. No, crazies! My bones were turning to chalk! I may weigh more now, but I can bench press you now, too. - Tina

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Angie's Rant: Food Isn't Gross!

I refuse to watch any weight-loss related show where someone makes a "grossed out" face when they eat some high-calorie food. And I don't believe that cookie you ate made you "sick," either! If the food didn't taste good nobody would eat it, so stop acting like you're just too refined and healthy to find greasy food appealing. Choose not to eat it, but don't pretend you've just got higher class taste buds! - Angie

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Kim's Rant: Peaches

I have counted everything under the sun: calories, fiber, fat grams, you name it, and it's always a pain. But you heard it here first--I am NEVER going through another summer when I don't eat fresh peaches or other fruits just because they're high in carbs. I didn't get fat eating peaches! - Kim

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Billie's Rant: Remember Who You Are

I know women who have raised children, held down a career, gone back to school, volunteered at churches, committees, and charities, maintained wonderful relationships, and those same women will cry and tell me they don't have enough willpower to stick to their diet. Ladies, there is no such thing as willpower! If there were, you'd have it!

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Josephine's Rant: Good for You

Why do so many people brag about what they don't eat? "I haven't been through a drive-through in 10 years!" or "this is my first dessert in six months." Honey, I don't care. And what's more, I wish you'd do yourself a favor and stop measuring out your life in food portions, because it just makes me sad for you! - Josephine

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Gordon's Rant: Actually...

I never got as much attention or as many compliments as I did when I lost 50 pounds. I mean, people everywhere were kinder and more open with me. Sadly, I lost weight because I was desperately ill, but I guess that didn't matter. - Blake

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Ginger's Rant: Higher Math

I can't balance a checkbook to save my life, but I am a freaking GENIUS at weight-loss math. I bet I could tell you right now, down to the ounce, how many pounds I'd have to lose per week in order to be at goal by my birthday/Christmas/etc. Do you know how crazy that is? I mean, it's embarrassing! If I put even a quarter as much time and mental energy into something else I could be a millionaire by now.

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Lenore's Rant: Say What You Mean

"Health" is a word being misused everywhere. Everyone says, "I'm trying to get healthy," but what that actually means is they're trying to fit back into the clothes they wore 10 years ago. Nothing has changed, but now people know better than to be honest. The funny thing is, some of the same people don't worry about going to the dentist, or seeing a therapist, or doing anything else for their Health.