11 Healthy Gifts for Him

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ThermaCELL heated insoles

Why he’ll love it: He’ll get to enjoy outdoor fun without wet, chilly feet putting a damper on his good time. Lightweight and durable, these foot warmers are activated by a remote control that he can clip to a belt or zipper or keep inside a pocket for easy access. They’re fully rechargeable, water resistant and provide extra shock absorption. Price: $129.99; Available at: Bass Pro stores and www.thermacell.com

Shockskin knee and elbow guards

Why he’ll love them: With these knee and elbow guards, he can safely be a weekend warrior. Four-way stretch fabric keeps moisture away from the skin to keep athletes cool and comfortable. With sizes ranging from youth to adult large, they’re perfect for any guy—or contact-sport-loving female—on your holiday list. Price: $24.99; Available at: www.shockdoctor.com, www.sportstop.com, www.sears.com

DryGuy AC/DC boot and shoe warmer

Why he’ll love it: Drying footwear quickly will let him get back to work—and play—as soon as possible. They dry footwear from the inside out, using a fan that circulates warm air. Also available in an even more compact travel size, the dryer is ideal for those who ski, snowboard, experience sweaty feet or work in wet weather. Price: $24.95; Available at: www.plowandhearth.com, www.dryguy.net, www.mountaingear.com

Chrome Truk shoe

Why he’ll love it: He can wear these low-maintenance, multi-purpose shoes in comfort all day. The Truk’s sole construction includes a sturdy outsole, a cushioning heel pad, resilient insole and a reflective heel detail for visibility at night. Price: $75.00; Available at: www.chromebagsstore.com, www.realcyclist.com

Nike+ SportWatch

Why he’ll love it: Helping him track his fitness data may add some extra motivation during his next workout, whether it's outdoors or indoors. Users can decide what information they want on-screen while they run, and the watch plugs right into the USB port on any computer to upload fitness data and recharge the battery. Price: $149-$169; Available at: Best Buy, Target, REI and Niketown stores and www.TomTom.com

Intelliskin long-sleeve foundation shirt

Why he’ll love it: He’ll appreciate the comfort of a top that keeps the warmth in and the sweat out. Thanks to the Cool Jade fabric, which is made from recycled jade stone, the top also keeps the skin comfortable throughout the day and prevents sweat from sticking to both skin and fabric. Anti-odor technology ensures freshness and UPF 50+ provides maximum protection from the sun. Price: $105; Available at: www.intelliskin.net, www.well.org


Why he’ll love it: He can zap away smelly shoe odor before everyone else in the locker room discovers the source! Shoe-Pourri is formulated from a blend of essential oils that target and destroy odor molecules the natural way. The wearer simply sprays the insides of shoes after wearing them, and the next time he laces up, the fresh scent of eucalyptus will have worked its magic. Price: $7.50; Available at: www.poopourri.com, www.clearremedies.com

Men’s f(x) Polartec power stretch gloves

Why he’ll love them: Transitioning from working out to driving to using his phone is seamless with these all-purpose gloves. These comfy gloves from Lands’ End are stretchable, breathable and keep moisture away from his skin, whether he’s running, skiing, skating or working out. They’re smooth outside and soft fleece inside, with grippy palms and fingertips for better traction. Price: $34; Available at: www.landsend.com

Xbox NBA Baller Beats

Why he’ll love it: He can play like an NBA superstar in the comfort of his own home. The NBA Baller Beats motion-sense video game from Majesco challenges players to master ball-handling skills by dribbling and performing moves such as crossovers, pump fakes, flow dribble and more, with three levels of difficulty. Price: $59.99; Available at: Best Buy, Game Stop, Walmart and Target stores and www.nbaballerbeats.com

Audio-Technica's noise cancelling headphones

Why he’ll love them: Listening to his favorite tunes without being disturbed by background sound will be music to his ears. Audio-Technica’s in-ear noise-cancelling headphones (model ATH-ANC23) are lightweight and compact, so your guy can take them anywhere, and comfy foam tips and an in-line volume control are added bonuses. Price: $79.95; Available at: www.shopaudiotechnica.com, www.jr.com

GYRO motion-activated screwdriver

Why he’ll love it: Hand and wrist pain won’t keep him from his next project, thanks to this tool. Here, when your handyman turns his wrist slightly to the right, the bit rotates to the right; when he tilts his wrist to the left, the bit reverses direction. That makes this tool a great option for those with hand or wrist discomfort. Price: $39.99; Available at: Lowe’s stores and www.blackanddecker.com