12 Cheap Date Ideas

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Romance is definitely a big part of sexual health. Having a close, connected relationship with your partner is certainly an important ingredient in having a satisfying sexual life. Unfortunately, too often married couples, especially in this economy, put off date night because of the cost of dinner, the movies or whatever you and your partner enjoy. But there are plenty of ways you can create a romantic date without spending a lot of money.

Staying In: Check Out Movies

Visit the library and check out some romantic movies to watch together. Have each partner choose one movie they think the other will like, then watch them together.

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Staying In: Homemade Dinner Date

Cook for each other! Choose foods you'll each like and then make them together.

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Staying In: Game Night

Try playing a game. Video games, board games, or games like "20 questions" can help you relax and learn more about one another--even if you've been together for a long time!

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The Great Outdoors: Do Something New

Going outside doesn't have to mean doing the same old thing. Go stargazing, or cloudgazing. Take a hike and carry along a picnic, or rent bikes for the afternoon and head to a local park.

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The Great Outdoors: Free Events

Depending on the season, most towns have free (or nearly free) events that you can take advantage of. Try fairs, carnivals, or town concerts. Get the Saturday paper and visit yard sales and flea markets together and see what you can buy for each other with five dollars.

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The Great Outdoors: Tour Your Town

You don't have to go far to get the benefits of travel. Choose some local landmarks and be a tourist in your own town.

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Get Creative: Learn Something New

Take a community art class together--martial arts, ceramics, a cooking class--anything that strikes your fancy!

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Get Creative: Use Ordinary Time

Even ordinary chores can be livened up if you do them together. Wash the cars, plant a garden, or find other ways to make your time together special.

Get Creative: Build Something

Keeping variety alive helps to keep your dates interesting--even if they don't cost a thing. Go to the home store and buy materials to build something together. This can be as elaborate as a new table or shelf or as simple as a birdhouse.

On the Town: Volunteer

Volunteer together. Spend your time at a local shelter, soup kitchen or cleaning up your local park.

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On the Town: Old-Fashioned Fun

Roller skating, bowling, and similar activities have been popular for decades because they're a fun and cheap way to spend time together. If you'd rather watch something, try seeing if any local colleges are performing plays or concerts.

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On the Town: Other Fun Ideas

Still don't know what to do? Here are even more ideas: attend open mic nights at local coffee shops, or poetry and prose readings at bookstores. Find minor-league sports games to attend, or support the athletes at your local high school or university. Check out local museums and art galleries. Stay in and trade massages. Get free passes to a gym and spend the day exercising together.