16 Interesting Asthma Facts You Should Know


Children do not typically outgrow asthma

Life expectancy the same for non-asthmatics and people with mild asthma

Only 10% of asthmatics develop severe asthma

A major cause of severe asthma is cigarette smoke

Most asthma-related deaths result from a lack of oxygen and not from cardiac arrest

More than 20 million Americans have asthma

Most fatal asthma attacks do not occur in the hospital

Most people who die from a severe asthma attack delayed going to the hospital

Near-fatal asthma attacks increase risk of a fatal asthma attack in the future

Most asthmatics who suffer a near fatal attack hadn't been compliant

Even mild asthmatics can die of asthma

Overusing Albuterol does not increase the risk of a fatal asthma attack

Using albuterol as your ONLY asthma treatment may contribute to fatal asthma

Boys are twice as likely to develop asthma as girls

Socioeconomic status and asthma fatality are inversely related

African Americans have an increased incidence of asthma

The HealthCentral Editorial Team

The HealthCentral Editorial Team


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