3 Osteoporosis Friendly Exercises

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Living with osteoporosis? Studies have shown a correlation between increasing bone mineral density and exercise. Here are exercises that have been found to help prevent osteoporosis and even reduce its symptoms.

Balance exercises

People with osteoporosis are much more likely to encounter falls and broken bones. This is why balance maneuvers are crucial to preventing injuries. Tai chi is a popular exercise for those with osteoporosis. Light yoga is another alternative.

Weight bearing exercises

These are any that make you move against gravity while staying upright. There are both high-impact and low-impact exercises and both contribute to bone health. For high-impact, try jumping rope or dancing. For low-impact, do some brisk walking outside or take a mild aerobics class.

Muscle-strengthening exercises

These exercises are any that make you move your body, a weight, or some other resistance against gravity. Yoga again can be helpful in this regard, but there is also Pilates, using weight machines and using elastic exercise bands. Be sure to speak to your doctor, however, before trying any new exercise regimen.