4 Ways the Apple Watch Can Make You Healthier

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Apple has just released a series of their new products and while many people are raving about features like a better camera or mobilizing wallets on the new iPhones, the Apple Watch can help manage your health.

Share your heart beat

By pressing two fingers on the screen of the Apple Watch, you can track and then send your heartbeat rate to a friend or a doctor. This may prove helpful in emergencies or may allow doctor visits to be done remotely in the future.

Health and fitness apps

There will be two default apps introduced -- one Activity app and one Workout app. The Activity app will monitor your movement throughout the day and the Workout app will be able to track workouts. Having these apps on your fingertips will provide a sense of accomplishment that can keep you motivated.

All movement is tracked

A vital component to being healthy is to keep moving. The health and fitness experts who helped design the health component of the Apple Watch took this into account as the device measures three aspects of movement: Move (how active you are in general), Exercise (brisk activity), Stand (how often you’ve stood up from sitting).

Personal trainer in a watch

Personal trainers can be expensive investments. But the Apple Watch can serve as a replacement with the technology to track workout stats, monitor activity, and personalize the fitness experience. Being able to track your progress over time can be the extra push you need to fit in that morning or evening workout.