5 Crazy Skin Care Products

by Allison Tsai Editor

More and more cosmetic products containing strange ingredients are popping up--usually at very high prices. Here are some of the more bizarre examples.

Nightingale dropping facial

For $180 you can get a Geisha facial. Among the ingredients applied to your face are nightingale droppings. The droppings were used centuries ago by geisha women, because the white makeup they wore had a high lead content and that damaged their skin. But an enzyme in the nightingale droppings apparently sloughed off the dead skin and made the face glow.

$13,000 facial cream

As cosmetics enter the luxury market, more absurdly-priced products are becoming available. One such product is a $13,000 facial cream which comes in a crystal-encrusted jar. Only three of these Cle de Peau La Crème jars are being produced, but you can get a regular jar for $775.

Caviar extract cream

Another odd luxury ingredient being used in cosmetics is caviar. La Prarie makes a variety of caviar products, but one 3.4 oz of Skin Caviar Luxe Cream will set you back $745. Though some dermatologists are skeptical of the benefits, companies claim the extract helps repair the skin.


For a few years now, cosmetic companies have been raising the bar in what they include in their ingredients. Several products contain powdered diamonds and gems, such as rubies and emeralds. La Mer’s diamond powder Refining Facial costs $75 for a 3.4 oz tube.

24 karat gold

Like diamonds and gems, a trend with high-end cosmetic companies is to include 24 karat gold in their products. Whether it’s a gold facial or a facial dream with gold flecks, proponents say the gold helps strengthen cells and has an antioxidant effect. But, skeptics say if you can see gold flecks on the face, it’s just sitting on a layer of dead skin.

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