5 Facts About Country Star Patty Loveless and COPD Awareness

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On World COPD Day, HealthCentral chatted with country star Patty Loveless about COPD awareness. Here are a few things we learned.

Patty lost her sister to emphysema

Patty's sister, Dottie, was diagnosed with emphysema when she was 47 years old. The disease progressed rapidly, and she died at 48. This inspired Patty to become an advocate for COPD awareness. "She was the one who inspired me to sing and do what I do," Patty said about her sister.

Patty is a spokesperson for the Drive4COPD campaign

Launched in February 2010, the Drive4COPD campaign encourages people to take a screener for COPD, learn the signs and symptoms of COPD and talk to their doctor.
"The one thing I have done is to encourage people to get screened by using my name, through song and music," Patty said.

Patty wrote the song "Drive" for the campaign in honor of her sister

Patty and her husband/producer Emory Gordy, Jr. penned the song for the Drive4COPD campaign.

Patty is not at risk for COPD

Since raising awareness for COPD, Patty has learned a lot about herself and the disease. She took the screener and found out, "Hey, I'm not at risk," she said. She also said she has a better understanding of how the lungs work.

Patty is passionate about lung health

"I think it was meant for me to be involved in this campaign for the fact that I depend on my lungs," she said. "I sing from the diaphragm and I really need power from my lungs to perform, and even to get across the stage and dance."