5 Facts About Veggies and Skin Tone

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Veggie glow comes from carotenoids

Research has found that eating more fruits and vegetables can change skin tone, and give it a healthy glow. It all comes down to carotenoids, which is the orange-red pigment found in fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apricots, oranges, mangoes and spinach.

Skin tone changes to a golden glow

Research has found that people who eat large quantities of fruits and vegetables show a change in skin color, towards a golden, healthy glow. Conversely, people who eat less fruit and vegetables show a reduction in skin tone.

Veggie glow is more attractive than tan

A new study found that people find the veggie glow more attractive than a traditional tan, or melanin coloration. Researchers did three experiments asking people to judge the attractive of faces with a veggie glow or a traditional tan. All three results showed that between 75 percent and 86 percent of people judged the veggie glow faces as more attractive.

The veggie glow may be a cue for healthiness

Researchers say the reason people may view those with a veggie glow as more attractive is because it is a cue that the person is healthy, which spurs attractiveness. They also say that knowing that eating fruits and vegetables can make you more attractive could be a good incentive to eat healthier.

Eat two extra portions of fruit and veggies a day

Researchers say eating just two extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day can lead to a detectable change in skin tone in just six weeks. They say that though skin color varies across the world, those who eat lots of fruits and veggies have a healthier, more attractive skin tone.