5 Famous People Who Have Psoriasis

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When living with psoriasis, you may often feel alone, or try to hide the red lesions on your body because you are embarrassed. But you aren't alone. The National Psoriasis Foundation reports that about 7.5 million people in the U.S. have psoriasis. Here are some celebrities who have chosen to speak out about their own experiences with psoriasis. (Images: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes doesn’t know what life without psoriasis would be like. She was diagnosed at the age of two. In an interview with Shape Magazine, LeAnn explained she spent years hiding her skin. With the help of her dermatologist, she finally feels she has it “pretty much” under control. Besides medical treatment, she works out, does yoga, watches what she eats and drinks plenty of water to help manage her psoriasis.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a reality TV star, model and businesswoman. She also has psoriasis, which she revealed during her television show in 2011--this was shortly after she was diagnosed. Kim’s mother Kris also has psoriasis. Not only did Kim go public with her diagnosis, but she also put pictures of her lesions on social networks.


Dara Torres

Dara Torres is a competitive swimmer who's won 12 medals, five in the Olympics. Although pool chemicals can sometimes worsen psoriasis, for Torres it seems to help. Unfortunately, misinformation about the disease has caused some people, including children, to be asked to leave public pools. Torres has filmed a public service announcement in which she says, “Nothing keeps me from training or competing. Not even psoriasis.”


Jon Lovitz

Comedy is how Jon Lovitz deals with his psoriasis. He uses his humor to spread awareness, and did also did a public service announcement on the condition. But he wasn’t always so open about the disease. Diagnosed in 2003, Lovitz covered up while trying several different treatments. He finally found one that works. His advice?  “Don’t be embarrassed…A lot of people with psoriasis give up, but don’t.”


Stacy London

Stacy London is a fashion consultant and TV celebrity who works to help others look their best. Her love for fashion started back when she was four years old and diagnosed with psoriasis. According to an article in Fitness Magazine, she “found comfort in sparkly, shiny pieces” that helped her feel not so much like a “monster” because of her severe psoriasis. Gradually, she used her fashion sense as a way to feel beautiful and hide her lesions.