5 Great Gifts for People with COPD

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The holidays are coming...

If you know someone who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you may be wondering if there are gifts you can give that might help make his or her life with this condition easier to manage. Well, there are.  Here are five great gifts for people living with COPD.

Velcro sneakers

People who have COPD often have a difficult time bending over to tie their shoes, since this position makes it harder for them to breathe. A pair of comfortable shoes, such as sneakers, that fasten with Velcro are a great way to avoid this problem!

Button-up shirts

If your friend or loved one has to wear oxygen devices to help them breathe, clothing that must be pulled over the head can be a hassle. Button-up shirts and pajama tops are a thoughtful gift for people living with COPD who don't want to fuss with pullover clothing.

An e-reader

E-readers are a great way for someone to carry many books, magazines, and newspapers in a small, light package. Some of these devices--including Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle Fire--can also stream movies and television shows, making them an easy way for people with impaired mobility to have everything they need in one device.

A finger pulse oximeter

A finger pulse oximeter is a device that allows people with COPD to monitor their blood oxygen levels. This makes it an invaluable tool because it helps patients better manage their condition, particularly if they are on oxygen therapy. If your friend or loved one doesn't yet have one of these devices, this would be a great gift.

Some quality time

COPD often inhibits people's ability to do everyday things such as eating at restaurants or going out to movies. In severe cases, it can even interfere wtih people's ability to leave their house for anything. Perhaps the most important gift you can give people living any chronic health condition is the gift of yourself. Your time, attention, and affection are perhaps the best gifts of all!