5 Healthy Summer Habits to Maintain this Fall

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Don’t let healthy summer habits fade away as you move into the fall. Fall often means shifting gears from summer activities into a more structured fall routine. How can you maintain healthy summer behaviors while stepping into fall? Here are 5 ways you can start!

Workout first

Summer is hot. You don’t want to be outside working out in hot mid-day temperatures, so you complete that workout early in the day to avoid the heat. Maintain this habit in the fall. By completing your workout first thing every day you are more likely to complete it versus waiting and having other priorities bump it off the to do list.

Don't skip breakfast

More relaxed summer routines allow more time for a leisurely morning breakfast. Don’t push breakfast aside in the fall time crunch of getting kids out the door for school and yourself off to work. Breakfast “breaks the fast”, meaning it is the jump start your metabolism needs daily.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The heat of summer results in sweating, which is a visible reminder you need to drink some water. Don’t let the cooler temperatures of fall make you cut back on your daily water intake. Your system needs plenty of water every day to function properly. Keep carrying a bottle of water with you throughout the day.

Eat fruits and vegetables daily

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for fruits and vegetables. So many options are in season! This options start to decrease as we move into cooler months. Be conscious of this. Pay attention to what is in season and supplement with frozen and canned options where needed to keep your intake where it needs to be.

Take trips to your local farmer's market

Farmers markets usually remain open through the fall months. Check out your local options to continue obtaining fresh, nutritious produce and meat options. It's also a nice outing to do with friends and loved ones.

Keep it going

Implementing these tips will keep you on the right path for heart health this fall. If you are working to lower blood pressure, sign up for the free e-course 7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure.