5 Hollywood Depression Fixes that Work

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There is no one foolproof fix for depression, but any number of small fixes may help nudge our moods in a more hopeful direction. The following small fixes honor celebrities and historical people. Let's begin...

The Seinfeld Fix

Real quick: Marble rye – now how do you feel?

Let's try a few more: The contest, the Moops, yada-yada-yada.

Laughter is the best medicine. Seinfeld was not only the funniest TV series of all time, its writers were masters of the comedic buzzword. Remember the puffy shirt?

Small fix Rx: Commit ten Seinfeld buzzwords to memory. Use every day.

The Louis Armstrong Fix

There is something totally infectious about the music of the great Louis Armstrong. One note of his trumpet or his vocalizing and we are not the same as we were one second ago.

Music is the healer, but there is something special about Louis.

Small fix Rx: Louis in every music device you own. Click Play. Feel the joy.

The Abraham Lincoln Fix

Lincoln taps into our universal goodness, our highest nature. He is a transcendent figure, an American saint. 

Depression was a constant in his life, the source of great personal despair. But in Lincoln, we sense the rarest heavenly light emerging from the dark. We feel a warm glow.

We all need our inspiration. Who better?

Small fix Rx: Picture the Lincoln Memorial. Contemplate. Repeat.

The Julia Child Fix

Contrary to urban legend, Julia never dropped a whole turkey on the floor, but she did flip a potato pancake and miss the pan entirely.

No one ever had so much fun in the kitchen. Food is love. We are what we eat.

Small fix Rx: Make an effort to spend more time in the kitchen preparing your own food. Celebrate.

The Kurt Vonnegut Fix

Lacking the motivation to get out of bed? Make the most of it by having your favorite author on hand. As opposed to TV, a book demands your active engagement, and no one does it better than Vonnegut.

This is chicken soup for the neurons. 

Small fix RX: Vonnegut by your bedside. Open page.