5 Myths About Acne

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Turns out that what you thought you knew about acne may not be true! It is time to clear up the confusion and find out what is real and what is a myth.


Only teenagers get acne

This is not true! You can get acne at any age. Women tend to be more prone to adult acne due to fluctuating hormones. Adult acne may not respond to treatments the same way as acne in teenagers so it is a good idea to see a dermatologist.


Acne means you have dirty skin

This is a myth! Having acne does not mean your face is dirty (even blackheads, despite their color, are not filled with dirt) and simply washing it more will not help. In fact, too much face cleaning can aggravate the situation. The suggested cleansing routine is to wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser and then pat dry.


Eating chocolate will make you break out

This is another incorrect statement! There are no clinical studies linking eating chocolate to acne. However, diet does affect our skin. Foods heavy in carbohydrates and with a high glycemic index (like donuts, white bread, white rice) can increase glucose and insulin levels, which may affect the development and severity of acne. On the flip side, a diet with a low glycemic index seems to decrease acne. Overall, a healthy diet may be good for your skin.


Any over the counter product will treat your acne

This is not usually the case. Some products can have no effect on your acne, while others can irritate your face and add more acne, dry, flaky and/or red skin to your list of worries. The best idea is to see a dermatologist before trying a whole bunch of over the counter products. Each person is different so the dermatologist can help you find the right treatments for you.


Popping a zit is the fastest way to get rid of It

Not true! Popping a zit will not get rid of it and will likely just cause it to get even bigger, because it is open to bacteria and infection.