How Parents' Age and Behavior Can Affect Health of Baby

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Children of older fathers may have mental health issues later

Researchers at Indiana University at Bloomington have published a study concluding that children of older fathers (45 years or older) may be at more risk of developing psychiatric problems, such as bipolar disorder, autism, psychosis, or ADHD, than children born to younger fathers.


Secondhand smoke may cause a miscarriage

A study at the University of Buffalo found that secondhand smoke could be linked to pregnancy loss, including miscarriage, stillbirth and tubal ectopic pregnancy. Women with the highest levels of secondhand smoke exposure had significantly greater estimates of risk for all three adverse pregnancy outcomes, and these risks were similar to what was seen among women who had actually been smokers.


C-section births may be linked to obesity later in life

After analyzing 38,000 births, researchers found that for every 100 vaginal births, 60 adults would become overweight or obese sometime during their lifetime, and for every 100 born by C-section, the number rose to 65. They determined that, on average, being born by C-section added half a point to a person’s body mass index.


Women's use of acetaminophen during pregnancy may affect behavioral health of child

New research suggests that children of mothers who use acetaminophen during pregnancy are much more likely to develop hyperkinetic disorders and behavioral problems associated with ADHD, compared with children of mothers who don't use the medication. The team notes that previous research has linked the drug to hormone disruption, a process that could impact fetal brain development.


A mom's attitude during pregnancy may affect weight gain

Women with the mentalilty that they are eating for two are more likely to experience excessive weight gain while pregnant, according to researchers at Penn State College of Medicine. Too much weight gain during pregnancy can lead to postpartum and long-term weight gain and obesity. It can also cause premature birth.