5 Questions Your Teen Probably Has About Sex

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The more teens know and understand about sex and safe sex practices, the better they will be able to make informed and mature decisions. Talking about sex with your teen shouldn’t stop with just one conversation, but should be a continuous discussion as teens' questions will change as they learn and experience different things. Make sure your teen knows you are available to talk.

How do you know if you're ready for sex?

In your teen’s world, everyone may be talking about sex and it probably seems like “everyone else is doing it.” But your teen might be wondering if he or she is ready for sex. Instead of giving a flat out “yes” or “no” (because as parents we are never ready for this), talk about what is important in a relationship before sex occurs. Give your teens some questions to think about before deciding to have sex.

What do you, as a parent, believe?

Although your teen may not follow your lead or even have the same beliefs, he or she probably wants to know what you think. Do you believe that they should remain abstinent until marriage? Do you think sex outside of marriage is okay? Teens, like all children, don’t want to disappoint you. Your teen wants to know that you will love him or her, no matter what decision is made.

How can I tell my partner I don’t want to have sex?

Help your teen understand that his or her partner should be understanding and willing to wait until both partners are ready. Let your teen know that the best approach is to be honest about their feelings while being understanding of their partner’s feelings.

Is one method of birth control better than another?

The only 100 percent effective method of birth control is to remain abstinent, but that probably isn’t what your teen wants to hear. This is a good time to explain all the different types of birth control, including emergency contraception. Remember to talk about how condoms are important to use as protection against STDs, even when other birth control methods are use.

Can I get pregnant (or get an STD) the first time I have sex?

They need to know there is a possibility of pregnancy the first, and every time, he or she has sex. While pregnancy most often occurs during the middle of the menstrual cycle, it can happen at any time, even when you have your period. Teens need to understand that, as with pregnancy, you can get an STD the first time you have sex.