5 Ways Creativity Improves Your Health

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It slows aging

Thinking creatively is a great way to keep your mind agile and your brain sharp. This doesn't stop the physical aging process, but let's face it, much of age is sheer attitude, and challenging yourself to think outside the box is one good way to stay young-at-heart.

It stomps out fatigue

Changing your diet and getting more sleep are obvious ways to reduce fatigue, but the boredom of the daily grind can also wear you out. Being involved in creative activities—whether that's a form of art or thinking up a new type of door hinge—can boost your energy.

It boosts immunity

There’s a perfectly good reason that the words describing illness and those describing depression are so similar; they’ve got more in common than most people know. Feeling low, being under the weather, feeling down—all of those happiness zappers make you more prone to some illnesses, researchers say. People who take on creative endeavors often report a better quality of life, which may boost immune functions.

It inspires activity

Sure, there are a lot of ways you can be creative by sitting on the couch, but its far more likely your bursts of creativity require you to move around, and that's always a health booster.

It recharges your motivation

Finding creative solutions to problems, using your creativity in your hobbies, and trying new things have the benefit of keeping life interesting. It's easier to maintain a positive outlook and to keep motivated if you feel like you're making progress, too.