5 Ways Housework May Affect Your Health

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Housework may be more than a necessary, but mindless activity. Learn how simple chores may affect your health.


It may help you keep off weight

According to a recent study in PLoS ONE, the increasing rates of women who are obese may be linked to the fact that women are performing fewer household chores and sitting more.


It may mean less sex for men

Research reported in the journal _American Sociological Review _suggests husbands who help out with household chores have less sex than men in so-called "traditional" marriages where housework is done exclusively by the wife.


It may contribute to marital bliss

New research from the Journal of Family Issues concludes that husbands and wives who do chores together have a higher rate of marital satisfaction than couples who strive for exact equality when it comes to splitting up chores.


It can help you live longer

recent study suggests that physical activity, even at a modest level (such as washing dishes) can increase life expectancy.


Your career choice may define how much housework you do

New research by University of Notre Dame sociologist Elizabeth McClintock shows that when married or cohabiting men are employed in heavily female occupations – such as teaching, childcare work, or nursing -they spend more time doing housework than other men.