6 Common Symptoms of Constipation

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Bloating & gas

If you’re backed up, your intestines will begin to swell because stool is stuck and gaining bulk. As a result, normally-produced gas from digestion is trapped behind the stagnant stool. The built up gas and stool can cause a lot of uncomfortable bloating and a distended stomach.

Abdominal pain

Trapped pockets of gas in the intestines can become surprisingly painful. Hardened stool in the intestines can also cause painful pressure in the abdomen.


When you strain during your bowel movements, it can cause swelling of veins, arteries or tissue around the anus and/or rectum called hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal. You may experience anal itching, blood after wiping, and pain during bowel movements.

Stool changes

Most people think constipation means not having bowel movements at all. However, you can still have bowel movements while you’re constipated—it just won’t look the same. Stool will often be hard and pebble-like. You may also be able to go a little, but not empty completely.


You probably won’t feel like doing much when you’re bloated and in pain. The body can reabsorb the toxins remaining in the intestines from stool, causing the body to work harder to eliminate it once again.

Decreased appetite

A packed intestines can make you feel prematurely full. This can lead to lack of appetite as your body works to remove the current digested food already in your tract.