6 Facts About Sex and Hepatitis C

Allison Tsai | March 28, 2014 Nov 8, 2016

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The risk of hepatitis C from sex is low

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It is extremely rare to spread hepatitis C (HCV) among sexually monogamous couples. But other sexual practices can increase your risk.

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Having multiple partners increases risk

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Decrease the number of people you have sex with, or have sex with only one person to reduce your risk. In addition, use a latex condom when you have sex.

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Having sexually transmitted diseases raises risk

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Having any type of sexually transmitted disease increases your risk for hepatitis C, particularly if a person has HIV. About one-third of all Americans infected with HIV also have hepatitis C.

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Rough sex increases risk

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Having rough sex or engaging in sexual activity that may cause bleeding increases risk for hepatitis C transmission.

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Avoid sex during menstrual periods

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Because hepatitis C is spread through contact with infected blood, it includes menstrual blood. Try to avoid sex during this time or be sure to use a latex condom.

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Don’t have sex with open sores on genitals

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Having an open sore on the genitals also increases risk of hepatitis C transmission. If either you or your partner has an open sore, avoid sex or use a latex condom.