6 Simple Tips to Curb Overeating

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Party tricks

At a dinner party? Stand up to help clear the table after each course so you are moving about, rather than sitting and nibbling. Always have a glass of water in one hand or a cup of hot tea, so you need to consciously stop and put it down in order to eat. Nursing a hot beverage such as tea can also slow down your eating.


Skip the sweetener

Research shows artificial sweeteners may actually increase a person’s hunger because there is no calorie payoff for the brain, triggering more snacking throughout the day.


Plan ahead

Planning and portion control ahead of time makes your commitment to healthier eating more manageable, and it helps individuals curb the instinct to “grab anything when hungry.”  When possible, cook several entrees ahead of time so when hunger hits, you have healthy options ready.


Watch the alcohol

Watch alcohol consumption since it blurs your hunger cues and sets you up to overeat. Alcohol can also add a lot of extra calories to a meal. Dilute wine with club soda to make a spritzer or pour yourself half a glass instead of a full one.


Avoid your triggers

Researchers are beginning to realize the spell certain foods can cast over the brain.  Your can’t-resist foods may play with your brain’s appetite-control center and actually reset satisfaction levels. It’s best to keep your trigger foods out of the house entirely—no matter how much self control you think you have.


Play mind games

Use smaller plates and bowls. Smaller surface size means smaller portions. Also, your eyes trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more than you actually are once you see that the plate looks full.