6 Steps to Depression Recovery

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Little details count

Depression results in very broad memories. Try to recapture the little details of better times and get those little gray cells humming.

Only evidence, my dear Watson

Challenge those long held beliefs about your worth as a person or the self-criticism you use to beat yourself up with. Seek the evidence that disproves the beliefs.

Stuff happens

And sometimes it all seems to happen at the same time. It may seem to be directed at you personally but really it isn’t. The help of others can lighten your burden.

Action planning

You’re probably finding it hard to think. List some easy things you wouldn’t mind doing today and tick off the items as you achieve them. Then try a weekly list. Reading and listening to music is great but try to build in a little regular movement as this pays dividends.

A treat or two

Give yourself credit for doing more than you have been doing. You should build in little treats as a matter of course – something you enjoy doing like reading, having a bath, following up a hobby.

Eliminate the negatives

It’s almost guaranteed that you will continue to be pestered by negative and critical thoughts. It can distort your progress so fight back with more balanced or more positive views.