6 Tips for Traveling with Medication

HealthAfter50 | Oct 3rd 2016 Oct 13th 2016

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What to know

Going on a trip? If you take medication daily, you should know how to pack and store it. Here are six great tips for how best to transport your meds.

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1. Don't underestimate

Pack more than you think you’ll need for the days you expect to be away, just in case you experience travel delays.

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2. Keep meds in original containers

And make sure the label on the prescription bottle matches the name on your tickets and other travel documents.

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3. Carry drugs with you

Lost luggage is not uncommon. Instead of packing your medicine in your checked luggage, put it in your carry-on bag. Place bottles in a separate, clear bag for easy inspection by airport security personnel.

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4. Get supporting documents

Ask your doctor for a letter (printed on his or her letterhead) explaining the medication you’re taking, syringes, and any other medical items you require for treatment. It will be helpful during a possible security check.

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5. Don't leave meds in a hot car

Exposure to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can cause medication to degrade and lose effectiveness.

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6. Store medication properly

Cool, dark places are ideal. Medication that needs to be refrigerated can be placed in a small travel cooler for shorter trips. For longer trips, wrap medication in bubble wrap and place in a travel cooler with ice and a thermometer. (If you’re flying, an attendant may be able to supply you with additional ice or be able to store medication in the plane’s refrigerator.)