6 Tips for Traveling with Medication

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What to know

Going on a trip? If you take medication daily, you should know how to pack and store it. Here are six great tips for how best to transport your meds.

  1. Don't underestimate

Pack more than you think you'll need for the days you expect to be away, just in case you experience travel delays.

  1. Keep meds in original containers

And make sure the label on the prescription bottle matches the name on your tickets and other travel documents.

  1. Carry drugs with you

Lost luggage is not uncommon. Instead of packing your medicine in your checked luggage, put it in your carry-on bag. Place bottles in a separate, clear bag for easy inspection by airport security personnel.

  1. Get supporting documents

Ask your doctor for a letter (printed on his or her letterhead) explaining the medication you're taking, syringes, and any other medical items you require for treatment. It will be helpful during a possible security check.

  1. Don't leave meds in a hot car

Exposure to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can cause medication to degrade and lose effectiveness.

  1. Store medication properly

Cool, dark places are ideal. Medication that needs to be refrigerated can be placed in a small travel cooler for shorter trips. For longer trips, wrap medication in bubble wrap and place in a travel cooler with ice and a thermometer. (If you’re flying, an attendant may be able to supply you with additional ice or be able to store medication in the plane’s refrigerator.)